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Start:Feb 05, 2023

Duration:10 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the wisdom in intelligent systems designed to aid in the human process automation of generational knowledge transfer.

Description: These are personal stories, descriptions and related actions affected by a singular moment in time. These events changed our perspectives, m ... Read More

Summary: Describe a moment in life when you experienced something pivotal that shapes the insights you bring to CribGrown™ to propose a program.

Step 1

Use this #MyDeeperMoment to Propose:

Use this Navitent to share a deeper moment in your life that inspired you to achieve something better than what you imagined possible and the steps you then followed that lead to success. Then post your #MyDeeperMoments Navitent results in the Inspire $35k community where positive comments equal votes for your program.

#MyDeeperMoments are personal stories, descriptions and related actions affected by a singular moment in time. These events changed our perspectives, motivated us to achieve things greater than we had imagined possible for ourselves.

I am asking for them in this structured Navitent format so that they can be used to become the basis for machine learning wisdom in a Human Process Intelligence Augmentation network, the force that will drive future equity in outcomes and fosters achievement on a more level playing field through generational knowledge transfer.

Are you willing to describe one life moment when you experienced something so pivotal that it shaped the wisdom you are contributing as an ambassador for Social Justice?

Step 2

Think of this as a talk you are giving to someone struggling and who needs the wisdom of an experienced ally.

This is at the core of generational knowledge transfer. It starts with one key lesson in life that was shared with you, which you, in turn, can pass on to someone else. Imagine your words could help them realize their dream instead of seeing it be delayed or deferred.

Do you agree to continue?

Step 3

In the steps below, you will share a moment in life that impacted you (immediately or years later) in such a profound way that it directly affects your contribution to DeeperEngaged™ for Social Justice.

In the end, it will ask you to tell us what program you propose for us to help you to develop on CribGrown™ to share the impact of the experience you are describing here. For every $35,000 we raise through CribGrown's GoFundMe, we will develop a program inspired, nominated, or proposed through #MyDeeperMoments. It could be the one you are about to tell us.

Please write from the perspective of how you would communicate this to a person you mentor, such as an apprentice, a younger sibling or family member, someone new to the team or environment, or someone who can trust you for your wisdom and desire to pull them up.

Describe something vital in shaping what you have achieved or will achieve and the wisdom you now can offer because of your experience.

Do you have something in mind?

Step 4

Are you working on a DeeperEngaged™ for Social Justice project, Module, Navitent, or Community related to this moment? If so, please share about it here (be sure to tell us the title and say if it is a Community, Module, or Navitent).

Step 5

The #MyDeeperMoment project relates stories of how one moment in life helped define who we are and what we contribute back to life regarding our Social Justice mission.

For example, the project I worked on for DeeperEngaged™ is the CribGrown™ #MyDeeperMoment campaign.

Here is a #MyDeeperMoment that shaped the insights I bring to this DeeperEngaged™ for Social Justice project: the recital of Langston Hughes’ poem “Harlem” (attached in the Element on the right column, if you’d like to read it. I hope you will!).


#MyDeeperMoment happened in 1987. I was a freshman at UC Irvine, a college with 12,000 students...only 40 of which were Black men.

My first week on campus, I met Mr. Paris Williams, a young Black gentleman of impeccable appearance and even more impressive oratory skills.

Dressed in an immaculate blue suit and silk tie, here was a man who took pride in the way he presented himself. Perfectly kept hair. Radiant skin. And a strong, confident jawline almost at odds with his soulfully expressive eyes.

Paris was UCI’s Director of Cultural Diversity. I remember him striding up to a microphone, standing alone on the steps of a historical building (which happened to be one of the iconic backdrops used in the original Planet of the Apes film, which I’d loved as a child).

Picture the scene: Paris, a Black college administrator standing before a campus whose population reflected virtually no other Black men. It was there, on those sunny steps in California, that he recited “Harlem” with such intense passion, gesticulation and vocal expression I felt nearly haunted as Hamlet!

“Who is this man?” I wondered. “And where does he get this honest passion for someone else's dreams?”

I remember nothing else about that day, only the impression Paris’ delivery had on me. I still hear his voice, see him up there as if it were yesterday. I could never have guessed a poetry recital could pierce my essence so profoundly. Yet, for the next 33 years, I thought of that singular moment.

These days I design technology. Why? For what purpose? I do it to work for the future...a future where no Black persons’ dreams will ever go deferred again.

I do it because I understand what “generational knowledge” is...because Paris transferred some to me that day so long ago.

That day he transferred the wisdom of Langston Hughes, and with it was the lesson — to be bold, passionate, fresh and unashamed when it comes to communicating what you are about…

...even if there’s only one Black kid out there listening, some stranger unknown to you...

...just one soul out there receptive to your soul-penetrating message. It’s more than enough.


We must all, in the fight for social justice, learn to communicate using the medium that suits our unique gifts. You never know when someone is watching. Something we say or do may stick in their minds forever, coming back in their time of need to helping them as they chase their dreams...dreams that may have otherwise been deferred.

I learned how to strive to be excellent. Be present. Be unexpected. I say, don't explain yourself. Just do you, glorious you...because someone is taking notice.

Your #MyDeeperMoment may be far less involved, but just as impactful for the related contribution you are making. That is perfectly alright. So share your #MyDeeperMoment, no matter how big or small!

Is this a good enough example for you to get the idea of what we are after?

Step 6

Before you tell the narrative part of your story, you have the chance to help the system learn what factors existed that make moments like these penetrate so deeply.

If you are willing to fill in these details in the next 23 steps, continue with the next step. It will only take perhaps 10 minutes of your time.

If you would rather not take the time to fill in the details, this is ok. You can skip down to Step 29 to get right to writing about the moment. You can return always return and edit or complete steps at a later time.

Are you willing to give the details of the environment and circumstances of the moment at this time (again, if not, skip to step 29)?

Step 7

It is very helpful that you are willing to fill in some backdrop details! Thank you.

The first question is: did you experience a moment with a person, or was it something you read or saw in the media, a memoir, documentary, or blog? Did it occur in a crowd or group setting?

Step 8

Do you identify as Black, interracial or African-American?

Step 9

About what age were you when this moment took place?

Step 10

Do you remember what year it was (approximately is ok)?

Step 11

What age were you when you finally understood the moments' impact on on you? When did it all makes sense?

Step 12

After the moment occurred, did people recognize a difference in you immediately?

Step 13

What was your first reaction to the message conveyed at the moment? Were you open to it and feel uplifted? Did you not react at all at the time? Or perhaps your reaction was rebellious, dismissive, shocked, confused, hurt, saddened, disappointed, angered, or humbled?

Step 14

Was the person's race the same as yours?

Step 15

What was the person's relationship to you, if any (role model, hero, parent, pastor, teacher, coach, leader, co-worker, famous person, business associate, loved one, authority figure)?

Step 16

Was it an easy or difficult lesson? Rank the level of challenge to your core beliefs, self-esteem, current thinking, or the level of discomfort caused by what you were experiencing at the moment (10 is the highest level of difficulty).

Step 17

Were you alone or with friends/family/loved ones?

Step 18

Did you know the person personally before this moment?

Step 19

Were you being encouraged, admonished, lectured to, confronted, coached, etc.?

Step 20

Did you maintain a relationship with the person after your moment?

Step 21

Briefly describe your relationship with the person today, if any.

Step 22

If you can remember, describe the events surrounding the moment. What was going on? Were there any details about the person, setting, or scene that made the environment or moment stand out?

Step 23

Was there anything new going on in your life that played a role? What relevant challenges were you facing at the time?

Step 24

Were there any social/economic conditions that were relevant?

Step 25

If you don't mind sharing, what was your education, economic status, or living situation at the time?

Step 26

Describe the person that influenced you as you remember or imagined the person would be like.

Were they imposing? Friendly? Concerned? Elegant? Professional? Passionate? Calm? Polite? Rude? Humble? Please describe any characteristics that stand out in your mind.

Step 27

How do you believe that person viewed you at the time? Did they know you existed? What did they see in you as a person?

Step 28

Did you appreciate the moment at the time? Did you realize that something special or life-changing had happened?

Step 29

If you were willing and completed the previous steps, thank you for the backdrop! If not, you can always return to this Navitent and complete them later.

Now, let’s get into your complete story in your words! What happened that made an impact on you?

Use the space below to tell us your #MyDeeperMoment as narrated by you:

Step 30

What is the key knowledge transferred to you that affects your project today? For example, if you had to boil it down to a simple moral fable, what would that look like?

Step 31

Can you boil your moment down to a 140 character summary?

Step 32

Ok, now tell us how you hope the #MyDeeperMoment you shared here will impact the readers' appreciation or understanding of the wisdom, expertise, or motives behind the program you propose for DeeperEngaged™ for Social Justice to help you develop? Do your best to describe the program, what it means to you, and propose it in front of the CribGrown folks:

Step 33

How do we best contact this organization?

Step 34

Do you give us permission to mention your name and this Navitent if we do contact them?

Step 35

Last question:

How do you feel about taking this time to help build the attraction to this wisdom-sharing platform? Navitent is designed to replace lost generational knowledge through the #MyDeeperMoment backdrop of stories. These stories will invite people to not only hear inspirational tales and but receive the benefit from your DeeperEngaged™ for Social Justice program for step-by-step achievement.

Step 36

Make sure to post your responses in the CribGrown™ Proposals Campfire in the Elements above or in the Communities tab. Invite your friends to the community to leave positive responses as their way of "voting" for your program.

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