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Navitent PaaS Intro - GPS for Change®
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Inviting Advisors, Partners, Supporters, Services & Resources
DeeperEngaged™ Advisors provide the agenda that matches the intent for the mission.  Content Partners contribute their mission specific expertise for distribution on the platform.   Supporters provide oversight for Client accounts on the platform.  Client Intelligence and Business Intelligence Accounts provide the services using DeeperEngaged™ Engagement and Enhancement features to deliver change.  Resources connect their products and services to further the mission objectives. 
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DeeperEngaged™ Missions
#1 Unite Social Justice Allies!
True Social Justice is deep systemic change engaging services, counseling, mentoring, training and best practices.  It is cohesive delivery, management, collaboration and accountability.  It is engineered solely to serve optimum cognitive, interaction and learning conditions for change and structure for augmented intelligence.  It is persistent, organized and systematic influence, education, management and analytics of hope.  It is a the ability to locate and navigate routes to achievement. It is a navigational system for life.
Search a library of Navitent Trails, Guides and Maps (step-by-step navigational content for goals) developed by pros, experts and knowledge. Schedule and do them from our website or mobile app.
Navitents you add our on your Day Plan along with results and other options. When adding Navitents, you can do them immediately or use Scheduler to plan future Navitents on a date, date range or repeating over a period of time. Day Plan and Scheduled Navitents reminders are emailed to your account daily and weekly.
Use the Dashboard as your launching pad to your Navitent ecosystem. See your day's to-do's at a glance, featured Navitents, messages and notifications and personal stats.
Navitent Communities are vital ingredients of success. Campfires, Campsites and Campgrounds are focused and nested to drill down to the deep soil per demographics, regions, causes, missions and goals. Posts and comments in Communities are structured based on specific actual results from doing related Navitents.
Search your personal library of Navitents and goals and view results you achieved for each one over time, during a time range or on a given date. See your previous comments, notes and responses and compare, schedule or instantly do them again.
Have your own way of doing things you want to convert into action for yourself or others? Use the Create feature and change your knowledge into your own Navitents.
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Engineered For This Battle
When Navitent says “GPS for Change®” it means on our platform you have the weapons to fight to change anything.
Developed by an Army mission trainer who served in training, medical, and operations Brigades and Tasks Forces, Navitent uses the same principles that turns any recruit into a professional Soldier ready for new mission in a weeks or days, you can replace the word “Change” with anything vital for your mission.

It can be GPS for Planning, for Training, for Business and Field Operations, or even for Life.  It is based on 2 key military concepts a) METL (Mission Essential Task List) and b) Situational Awareness.  It is step-by-step action to put into play the Commanders Intent from recon to planning, training, logistics, boots on the ground, situation reports, recovery and after action review supported by a proven command structure.  It turns any Trailblazer on it into change design Subject Matter Experts. 

Trekkers actions on the platform powers augmented intelligence able to calculate the best METL to achieve an objective from mere intent, personnel characteristics and situation input.  GPS for Change® becomes a full Behavioral Navigation System that charts course of action from how users actually behave of their trails, their real-time progress and taking into account what outside factors made a significant impact on the rate and degree of success isolating who and what was present and relevant for change intended and what made the most impact. 

Coming soon, NavitentBI Augmentation will be fuel for a new Behavioral Change Intelligence Augmentation.  It is assistive AI that enhances human intelligence as it directs actions, step-by-step rather than simple replacing “intelligence.”
Generational Knowledge Transfer?
Sharing life lessons and wisdoms that lead to the conversion of opportunity into achievement, potential into deeds, and dreams into reality, step-by-step.
On Navitent DeeperEngaged™, convert your knowledge, expertise and best practices into steps and interconnect them into cognitive, instructive and productive navigational tools for achieving any goal (your Navitents). Immediately access the ability to view the phases, levels, and communities in which your users (your Trekkers) are interacting with your Navitents and drill down into details of specific behaviors.

Learn where your Trekkers are succeeding and struggling on tasks. Predict the next steps they need to take on their project. Apply lessons to existing Navitents and send targeted instruction to the right Trekkers at the right time to drive stronger engagement and results.

Extend the effectiveness and reach of your Navitents by organizing them and your followers into communities (nested Campfires, Campsites and Campgrounds) for specific demographics, environments, life experiences and goals.

Contribute to a growing database for machine learning and AI for Social Justice Achievement. Meaning the cause for healing, shared prosperity and equity will get exponentially more effective through growing intelligence via input and activity of users.

One world. One platform. Achieve anything. That's Navitent. It's your intelligence. Now what are you going to do with it?
Invite friends and share your Navitents, experiences and wisdom.
Always know the next steps. Keep up with your selected Trailblazers as they are charging ahead. Follow the latest trails blazed.
Share messages with friends and keep up with what is happening through your notifications.
Invite your friends to the Navitent ecosystem and specific communities you have created or joined.
Use Share Responses with Friends to track the progress of individuals.
Visualize Navitent and Community members usages, joining, transactions and activity stats and trends.
Analyze Navitent results and drill down into individual Trekkers to gain insights into your users and send support.
View Community stats and member results and compare Community results to overall Navitent stats.
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